Uses of ash vacuum cleaners


When you burn wood pellets or wood for heat, there would be ash in the fireplace. You can also find ash in your heat stove, burning fireplace, or wood stove. Undoubtedly, you will be required to clean the ash. You might consider using your household, garage, or shop vacuum. That might cost you.


Cleaning the fireplace is very important, for proper air intake and a good burn. An ash vacuum is a suitable vacuum, which can be used in cleaning ash. There are several reasons why you must use this specially designed vacuum, and not any other vacuum. Safety is the most important reason. Before buying one check online reviews for Best hot ash vacuum cleaner.



Safety is the major reason why you should never use a regular vacuum to clean wood ash. The home vacuum is not designed to deal with hot or high temperatures. Using them can eventually result in fire risks. Ash vacuum is designed with a metal, which helps in handling ash. Therefore, safety is something that you cannot compromise.


How they work

Typically, you point the nozzle to your wood stove or fireplace. As soon as you turn the vacuum cleaner on, all the ash is sucked via the nozzle. It goes up through the hose and eventually stored in the metallic container. Generally, all the ash vacuums are made up with a filtration system that gets rid of finest ash. The best vacuum in the market has a HEPA filtration system. This is the suitable vacuum cleaner for people who are allergic or asthmatic. The main uses of ash vacuums are in:


  • Pellet stoves


  • wood stoves


  • BBQs


  • Fireplaces


Ash vacuum brands


The most important decision to make is if you need a cool ash vacuum or a warm one. Although a warm ash vacuum can handle cool ash, it is an advantage in safety measure. However, it cannot be used on the hot ashes. Using a warm vacuum on warm ashes does not damage it. It is very important to use it when all the ash has cooled down. Below are some of the best brands you should consider buying:


  • Power smith ash vacuum: This is one of the best products in the market. You can use it either on warm or cool ash. You can also use for cleaning the barbecue grills. The system of the vacuum is easy to clean, thus making your life easier. The motor is very powerful and does not produce a lot of noise. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty. Therefore, you should buy this product with a lot of confidence.


  • Cougar ash vacuum: With this product, you can remove the finest particle of the ash. However, using it on hot ash and removing the coal will ruin it. Some big particles of coal can result in blockage of the hose. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Another added advantage is that it is quite while using it.

Finally, consider buying something you can afford and maintain. Consult your friends or family members before buying. Typically, it can be a challenge in identifying the best ash vacuum