What Do Termites Look Like and How To Stop Them

Why Termite Control is Best Left to the Professionals.
Termites are not as common as other pests, such as spiders and rodents, but the damage they cause is often far greater and more expensive. As a homeowner, you can self-treat termites with over-the-counter chemicals. However, this particular pest is best treated by a professional service for several important reasons.

Termite Colonies are Huge and Impacting

A terminate infestation is huge and grows fast. When you get a termite colony in your home, the termites multiply and work quickly to eat away at the cellulose in your walls, as well as other materials.

A professional is able to detect where the colonies live and operate for quick eradication. A novice homeowner is not able to find them as easily. Delays in treatment lead to rapid description of your wood frame, which contributes to very expensive repairs. The modest investment in professional treatment is nothing compared to the worst-case scenario.

Expert Treatment Selection

There are a number of termite species that infest homes. Therefore, you cannot buy a generic one-size-kills-all solution. An expert inspects for signs of the termites and figures out which species are in your home. This analysis leads to the correct treatment to get rid of the colony.

Along with effectiveness of a solution, safety is a concern. A termite specialist understands the importance of using safe chemicals and treatment procedures in your home. Visit http://termitesblog.com for more information.

Complete Eradication and Preventative Measures

Homeowners who try to self-treat find that termites never leave. You kill a bunch, but the ones you miss replenish the colony and you face the same disturbing problem. An expert knows the right treatment steps to eradicate the entire population. He also inspects after the job is done to ensure no survivors.

After you treat the existing problem, it is important to use preventative measures to prevent future infestations. A termite specialist installs chemical barriers that deter termites from getting into your home in the first place. The common treatments a homeowner invests in do not keep termites at bay.

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