How To Choose The Right Free Standing Dishwasher


The dishwasher a necessity for every home owner. But before you decide to buy one, here are a few issues that need your attention:

Determine how much space you have.

The size of the kitchen and the space for the free standing dishwasher directly dictates the choice of the same. Fortunately, they exist in different dimensions.

There are small dishwashers that are usually intended for small apartments and are placed as a separate element or in a shelf next to the sink. These machines are the ones that people mostly prefer because of their size but they are not recommended due to the fact that they are uneconomical. Also, a big disadvantage is that you can only wash dishes with small and regular size.

A free standing dishwasher is recommended for larger kitchens. These models usually come in two nominal width of 45cm and 60cm. Dishwashers with width of 45cm are usually designed for a capacity of 9 sets and dishwashers with width of 60 cm for 12 sets. You must make a choice according to the size of the kitchen and the real needs of the household.

Also these free standing dishwashers can be built as well depending on the visual concept of the kitchen. Their technical characteristics are identical.

Pay attention to the efficiency of the machines

There are various models of free standing dishwashers on the market and they are marked with the appropriate energy class. Most preferably, choose energy class A or A +.

Requirements and conditions

When purchasing a dishwasher pay attention to your requirements and conditions. Ask yourself how much space you have in the kitchen, what are your needs when it comes to washing dishes and what is your budget.

If you have a large family, consider purchasing an energy-efficient dishwasher with full size. This model will be more expensive but with its operation it will pay off quickly. But if you have a smaller family consider buying a smaller dishwasher.

More features usually mean more costs

Thorough washing, better rinsing and better drying directly affect the higher price of the product. It is important to know that if you buy a product at a very low price, that could mean higher consumption of water and electricity at each cycle. You need to decide if you want to exceed the budget or not but still choose the right free stan

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