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Security Gates

Although recent statistics suggest that home thefts and burglaries have reduced in the last 12 months it doesn’t mean you should be lax in your homes security. A security gate such as an electric gate Nottingham homeowners and Stand Guard Security Systems agree can be an effective security measure.

New records indicate that homes which install security systems such as electric gates are ten times less likely to be targeted by intruders or burglars. It acts as a strong visual deterrent to passersby and is a clear warning that you take your homes security seriously.

A security gate is essentially a structure that is suitably placed to efficiently block a path or entrance to a property. If we took this definition literally then any construction could consist as a security gate even something as simple as a cardboard box. This would not be nearly as sufficient therefore to enhance any security gate; necessary features should be included. These include items such as doors, bars, fencing or expandable lattice work, chain links or durable materials such as aluminium or wrought iron even automated operating systems.

Home security gates

Most security gates installed in the home are designed to block the path or driveway leading to the entrance of the property. With so many different types of gates available you can tailor your choices to meet your individual tastes and security requirements. To determine what gate you will want it is best to plan ahead and consider what exactly you want to achieve and gain from installing your security gate.

An electric gate is effective because it can work towards both keeping intruders out and protecting children and pets from wandering beyond the limits of your home. An added advantage of having a security gate is that you can effectively control who has access to your property and manage people’s movements. Some extremely fine examples of this are in Grand Rapids fence installation, who have done an amazing job of building great fences.  Another benefit is that it can be used at your own convenience from the comfort of your home or car safeguarding you from being exposed to potential intruders and the elements.

Securing your driveway

Having a security gate for a driveway is becoming increasingly popular. For properties with large entrances driveways and paths an electric gate can play an essential part in its home security. These types of gates are considered a valuable property investment and many are designed to increase curb appeal. Many properties which have an electric gate as an additional feature to their driveway or garden can increase saleability and prices by up to 5%.

Our thoughts…

Always plan ahead before purchasing an electric gate making sure you seek professional advice were needed about your security requirements. If you have an idea of what you need it can make the process of choosing and installation much easier. There is plenty of options available and a wide range of materials, shapes and designs. If you have set a budget it will help you to determine exactly you can afford and what is within your price range. Remember that an electric gate is an investment for your property as well as its security and therefore it should be something you can enjoy and appreciate throughout its lifetime. For any advice we are Stand Guard Security Systems located at 633 Nuthall Road Nottingham NG8 6AF

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