Different ways to sweep or clean wood floors

When it comes to cleaning something that is as valuable as hardwood can really be intimidating especially if you are not sure of where to start and where to finish. There are different ways to clean a wooden floor and sleep it. Remember that it is important to clean your floor in other to maintain it especially if there are little rocks on the floor that could scratch the woods. One of the first things you need to find out before cleaning is to know what type of finishing is done on your floor.

Here are the basic ways to clean a wooden floor.

What kind of finish is your floor?

This is really important in that knowing the kind of finish your floor is made of will help you know what to apply to the it without damaging the floor. To tell the difference all you need to do is to rub your finger across a clean well floor. This will help you know whether the floor is surface sealed that is when you rub the floor and no smudge appears but if smudge appears, then be sure that the surface has been treated with varnish, oil finish or others.

Protect wooden floor from dirt and grime

As simple as this may sound, it can save you a lot of stress. Placing a mat in front of the entrance of your apartment can save you a lot of scratch. All you need to do is to position the mat both in and outside to reduce the dirt inside. Tiny particles like dirt can act like sandpaper and cause some scratch, so now you know the benefit of the foot mat.



Sweep your floor everyday

A lot of people actually believe that this is a bit of an old school method of cleaning, but the truth is that proper sweeping go a long way to protect your floor from scratch and damage according to these Perth specialised sweeping contractors. if you feel sweeping is not enough, then you can vacuum clean the edges just to make sure that they are properly and totally clean.

Wood Wash

This looks like what many people already know about but very few people really take their time to do this. There are several products out there that you can use to wash your wooden floor. However, you will need to confirm what kind of product it is, remember there is a sealed floor and a floor that is not sealed. Feel free to ask the seller if you can use it on both kinds of floors just to be safe. Before applying totally on your floor, you might wan to test the product at a corner just to be sure it won’t damage the whole floor.

Damp mopping

This method, which involve you wetting the floor and mopping slightly you can do this by gently Dip the mop into water containing slight detergent and gently mop the floor all over just to make sure that everything called dirt is taken away.

Following theses methods will help you keep your apartment safe from scratches, damage and any other thing that will keep your floors safe. You might want to hire a sweeping contractor that will keep your apartment clean.