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At Burton's Flooring Center, we're a family-owned-and-operated business with more than 50 years of combined experience in the flooring industry. That means we've got the skill and commitment to provide you with superior flooring products and reliable installations. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Expertise - Burton’s Flooring Center is a highly experienced full-service flooring center that provides quality flooring in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas using certified installers for homes or businesses.
  • Reliability - We get every job done right the first time and can provide a 2-year warranty on your installation. With a quality Indianapolis flooring company like ours to help you, giving your area an updated look is quick and easy.
  • Quality Flooring - We also have a wide array of top-of-the-line flooring for you to choose from, which includes the best brands such as and Mohawk™.
  • Customer Service – Our experienced technicians will provide you with a free consultation. To continue providing flooring Indianapolis, Indiana customers can trust, we strive to give you the kind of flooring that meets all of your expectations.

Having your Indianapolis flooring professionally installed gives you two benefits: 1) you get value for your money, and 2) you are guaranteed to see optimum results. From consultation to installation, you can trust us that you get quality work every time.

Bathroom Remodeling and Bathroom Tile

You'll love to know that Burton's Flooring is teamed up with top quality companies like Bathroom Remodeling Pros Austin™, and Houzz. We have a range of styles and colors for you to choose from, and there's sure to be something to match your décor. Upgraded padding is also available for superior performance. don't skip out when looking to remodel your home, choosing the right contractors can really hurt you in the long run!


We sell and install solid and engineered hardwood flooring from Mannington™. Our lines feature a variety of species: from traditional oak to exotic teaks, walnuts, and cherries. We also carry environmentally conscious Mohawk™ products such as bamboo and cork.


We also carry laminate from Alloc™. It is a great option if you like the wood or tile look, but do not want to invest in a wood or tile floor. Laminate is easy to care for and maintain for many years.


The beauty of tile is evident in any space in which it is installed. It is versatile and can be accented with many types of decorative border, listellos, inserts, etc. We carry tile from American Olean™.


Today’s vinyl flooring is durable and scratch resistant thanks to technology advancements in manufacturing processes. We offer vinyl in two different forms: Sheet vinyl and Luxury vinyl tile/plank. We offer sheet vinyl by stainmaster, Mohawk, and more. LVT manufactures include.

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Check out the great selection of flooring in our showroom. Our experienced technicians will come to your home or office for a free consultation about flooring in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you are short on time, we can bring an array of product samples for your selection. After you make your selection, we will provide you with a written estimate and work with you to create the room of your dreams! Contact us today for more information.

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At our full-service flooring center, we do every job right the first time. We're certified and offer a 2-year warranty on most installations. Plus, in addition to sales and installation, we also offer flooring repairs and maintenance.

Updates From Our Blog

Flooring Tips if You Want to Build a Home Gym

Flooring tips if you want to build a home gym
A gym plays a key role when it comes to healthy living. Thousands of people in this world wake up very early in the morning to attend gym sessions. It’s for purposes of conveniences that some people might prefer to have gyms at their own places of residence so that they can exercise anytime at their own comfort. When building a home gym, getting flooring ideas for your home gym is a key aspect. Below are a few tips on how to choose the best flooring for your home gym.
1. Choose the appropriate floor hardness/softness depending on the activities you’re planning for your gym. If you have designed your gym for exercises that involve you coming into contact with the floor, then its highly advisable for you to choose a soft flooring such as a rubber one. On the contrary, if you are willing to set up a gym for weight lifting purposes, its recommended that you choose a hard and a very firm floor.

2. Ensure whichever floor you choose has enough traction. It’s important to emphasize on traction properties due to the factor of safety. Nobody would want to come tumbling down while doing some serious weight lifting just because the floor was too slippery. Therefore, for the best floors for such home gyms, go for rubber or even cross cuts like those in bumpers of trucks. However, ensure they are durable.
3. Choose a material that is easy to maintain. For anything to last long enough, it requires maintenance. Ensure the cost of maintaining the floor that you choose is at the lowest levels possible. Remember also to choose a material that is easily cleanable and one that is a bit cheaper for purposes of replacing it in case damages occur.
4. If your home gym is located on the upper floors of a building, it would be important to take note on effects of impact. The issue of impact simply means the noise that may result due to the many activities that happen in the gym. These noises could cause discomfort to people living below. Not only the noise that would raise issues but also the strength of the slab separating the floors. To avoid such issues of impact, get a thick flooring material to help suck in some of the impact. A good pick would be some thick and heavy pad mats.
5. Remember to pick a material of reasonable pricing. It would be advisable for you to strain your finances picking a very expensive material thinking that the more expensive it is the better the results. Pick a material wisely according to your financial capability.
6. Just incase you’re planning to have work out machines in your home gym, then a low pile material such as a carpet flooring would serve you best. The main reason for this is because high pile material increases chances of the machines getting out of positions which might lead to injuries.
You can read some more on how to choose the best flooring material for your home gym from the following sites 1315136
with the above guideline, be assured of a perfect choice of the best flooring for your gym and for the best of results.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Cordless Vacuum for Your Home

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the next big thing when it comes to matters pertaining to cleaning. They are growing more popular every single day for both office and home cleaning, and for good reason. These cleaners do not have wires or cords that can cause complications such as tripping over them and hurting yourself, or if they get entangled with your furniture and end up breaking them. This is the core reason behind the endorsement of this cleaning equipment.

When you come to that final decision of getting your own cordless vacuum cleaner, there are quite a number of things that you need to consider. Some of the key features that should be considered when looking to purchase a new cordless vacuum cleaner are as follows:

Type of cleaner

The majority of cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market today have been designed to suit the handheld mode. This can be a pull-out handheld cleaner, of which the most popular among them all is the stick design.

Some of these cleaners have been entirely designed for the sole purpose of cleaning rather larger places, to help reduce the workload. Such cleaners do not have the hand-held mode, so a cordless vacuum comparison with a few different models will be necessary. So, you need to have a clear understanding of the type of vacuum cleaner you need based on the design – handheld or not.

The installed-Battery type

The battery-span of a cleaner is a very important detail to observe when looking to purchase one. This because it fully decides the usage time of the vacuum cleaner. This means that the period of time that you can use a cleaner entirely depends on the type of battery that it has. Lithium-ion batteries are the most recommended types of batteries because of their ability to charge fast yet retain the charge for quite a good period of time.

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How Mold Can Ruin Your Flooring if Left Untreated?

Everybody knows that mold is very harmful to our health. Therefore, we immediately try to remove it if we find it in our home. Sometimes, the mold is the initial stages and it can be removed easily. So, we remove it on our own instead of hiring any contractor. But sometimes, the mold is grown up too much that we can’t remove it on our own. In this situation, we only rely on the contractors because they have all the important accessories available. And they can complete the project within a very short span of time.

The mistake that some people make while removing the mold from their home is that they do not remove it properly. And as a result, it keeps appearing again and again and they can’t get rid of it. If you want to remove the mold completely, you must use of the Top 5 Mold and Mildew Resistant Paints. This problem can also occur if you have hired a contractor that doesn’t have enough experience to remove the mold.

The damage that mold can cause to your floor can be really dangerous and it can cause you a lot of harm as well. So, you must address the project properly so that it doesn’t cause any harm in the future. Today, we will talk about how the mold can ruin your flooring if left untreated. We believe that after reading this information, you’d immediately try to remove the mold from your home. Here is the information about how mold can ruin your flooring if left untreated.

Damage durability

The mold would keep damaging the inner parts of the floor and it would affect the durability of the floor very badly. Once the mold starts growing, it never stops unless you use some techniques to stop it. So, if you left it untreated, it would keep growing and it would damage the entire floor of the home. At the end of the day, you’d have to replace the entire floor. So, you can imagine that cost of the replacement. In fact, the cost of diseases, that will appear during this process, is separate from this cost. So, make sure that you address this problem as soon as possible.

Damage the upper surface

The upper surface would start becoming slippery as the mold starts growing on the floor. The bones that will get fractured as a result of walking on this slippery floor cannot be replaced at all. And most probably, you’d end up sitting on a wheelchair for the rest of your life. The possibilities are always there. Therefore, it is important that you spend a few bucks on removing the mold instead of breaking your bones. Here is more information about how mold can ruin your flooring if left untreated.

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Housing Tips 101: How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

I always say that it’s not the summer season but the billing season because electricity bills are increased a lot during this season. And the problem is that we can’t live without the accessories that are increasing the energy bills. So, what should we do in this situation? There are some people that keep the air conditioner turned off for a few hours in a day believing that it will help them lower the bill.

Well, this technique actually works but it doesn’t let you enjoy a comfortable life. The humidity during the summer season makes it difficult for you to stay relaxed without air conditioning. I think that you should try to look for some valid solutions that may not interrupt your comfort. Today, we are going to provide you some effective tips on reducing your air conditioning bill.

And believe me, these tips work in every part of the world so there is no need to be worried about whether they are good for you or not. Let’s take a look at the tips that can be very helpful in reducing your air conditioning bill.

Double Glazing Windows

Mostly, we recommend triple glazing windows to our readers but double glazing windows may also be very effective in lowering your air conditioning bill. The triple glazing windows are a bit expensive, therefore, the double glazing windows are recommended. These windows keep the heat of the sun away and they also lock the cool air inside. Thus, your thermostat level will remain lower. And as a result, you’d see a significant decrease in the air conditioning bill.

Inverter Ac

The Inverter Ac consumes less electric energy as compared to the average Ac. So, you should consider buying an inverter AC for your home. Make sure that you purchase the AC from so that you may find the best option for your home.

Solar system

The solar system will not only reduce the energy costs but it can also eliminate the energy costs totally if you install the high voltage batteries with the solar system. Depending on the size of solar panels, you can shift your entire home to the solar energy. However, this technology is only reliable in areas that are very hot as compared to other countries.

Avoid Window AC

The Window AC consumes more electricity as compared to the split AC. So, you should avoid using window AC in the home. And you’d see a significant change in the energy bills. The Split Ac is designed with the latest technology, therefore, it consumes less electric energy.

Keep your door closed

The cooling of the air conditioner keeps getting away from the home if the door is opened. Therefore, you should try to keep the door closed so that the thermostat level may remain down. Thus, your energy bills will also be decreased. Here are more tips on how to lower your air conditioning bills.

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Why Getting Floors Professionally Installed is better than the DIY Method?

The DIY projects are always very interesting and exciting as they help you set everything according to your requirement. And most importantly, they help you save a lot of money on some major projects. However, there are some projects that require proper attention and that cannot be completed without the help of an expert.

Floor installation project is also one of the projects that require proper attention. Therefore, we always recommend that you should not address the floor installation projects on your own and you should only hire the experts to do such jobs. In this article, we will discuss some important elements that will provide you a clear vision of why you should hire the experts to complete floor installation projects instead of doing it on your own.

If you want to complete this project on your own, then the risk is all yours because it can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. And nobody likes to put their family’s life at risk at any cost. So, show some kindness to your family and hire the experts to do their job. Here is some information about why getting floors professionally installed is better than the DIY method.

Choosing the material

The professionals are completely aware of the material that can help add a perfect level of protection to your home. There is no doubt that you’d find a lot of information on the internet about buying the right material. But you’d still make a mistake because you don’t have any experience with it. And the bigger problem is that there are many cheap suppliers that sell bad quality material at very cheap rates. The DIY project holders usually get attracted to those materials and put their family’s life at risk. If you really want to protect your family, you must hire the professional installers for this job.


The experience is the most important thing that can be helpful in installing the floors in a perfect way. The professional installers have lots of experience as they have been working in this field for years. Make sure that you hire an experienced professional for this job because a beginner can’t provide you the outstanding results.


If you hire a professional for installing the floors, you can rest assured because the professionals can hold the job in a better way and you won’t have to invest any time after hiring the professional installers. If you consider doing the job on your own, you’d have to spend a lot of time on choosing the material, taking the measurements, setting up the location, and many other important things. So, it’s better that you hire the experts if you really value your time and money.

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How to design your bedroom in order to improve sleep?

Your sleeping routine regularly affects your mental and physical health, therefore, you must be very careful about taking a good night sleep. There are many people that are facing sleep problems. Some of them have some health issues while others have a wrong selection of furniture and other equipment in their bedroom that makes them suffer from such problems.

This may sound strange but the design of your bedroom plays an important role in affecting your sleep. If you want to improve your sleep, you should focus on upgrading the design of your bedroom according to the particular standards. There are some particular standards for designing your bedroom in a way that can help improve your sleep significantly.

There is a wide collection of several creative ideas available on several online platforms like mysleepyferret. However, in this article, we’re also going to share some useful ideas that can help change the overall look of your bedroom.

Light Colors

The use of light colors on the walls can make you feel comfortable while you’re in your bedroom. You can apply several attractive ideas to the walls but you must only consider using the light colors to apply your ideas. The bright colors may look more attractive as compared to the light colors but they can make it difficult for you to sleep properly at night.

The Fish Tank

Placing a fish tank in your bedroom can help improve the beauty of your room but only a few people know that it can also provide you enough comfort to sleep properly at night. The dim lights used in the fish tank provide you a relaxing view at night and the movement of fishes also makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Bed

The bed you’re using in your bedroom can also help improve your sleep. Sometimes, the noise made by the bed can make it difficult for you to sleep comfortably. The bed you’re buying for your bedroom should be organized in a proper manner and it should also be free from making any kind of noise because noise can be extremely fearful and it can prevent you from sleeping all the night.


The mattress you’re using in your bedroom is another important thing that can affect your sleep. There are several high-quality mattresses available these days but you must consider buying a highly adjustable mattress that has the ability to adjust itself according to the pressure you put on it. The material used in the mattress plays an important role in defining that whether it is the right option for you or not.

The placement of furniture

The placement of furniture can also be a problem for you at night. The mirror should not be placed in front of you at all because when you wake up at night, you may get scared to see your own movement in the mirror. Similarly, the lamps and other things should also be placed in a way that may not scare you at night.

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How to choose the right bed for wooden floors?

Wooden floors are the most popular floors for the decoration of your home as they bring an outstanding look to your home. The use of wooden flooring is very common nowadays because there are lots of incredible styles available in this flooring. If you’re looking to apply the wooden flooring in your home, you should go for it without having to worry about any problem.

However, there is one problem that brings a headache to most of the people because wooden flooring makes it extremely difficult for you to choose the bed for your bedroom. A wrong type of bed can ruin the entire beauty of the floor and in some cases, it can severely damage the floor. Therefore, you need to be very careful about choosing the right bed when you have a wooden floor at your home.

If you’re suffering from the same problem, then stop worrying because here in this article, you’re going to find the solution to your problem. We have decided to bring some helpful tips for you that will help you buy the right bed for wooden floors.


The lightweight beds are the perfect combination for the wooden floors as they do not cause any harm to the floor. We know that there are plenty of hardwood floors also available but you still need to choose a lightweight bed because a heavy bed can even damage the surface of hardwood floors easily. Choosing the lightweight bed doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality.

There are lots of excellent quality lightweight beds available that you can choose from according to the theme of your home.

Fixed Bed

The fixed beds are the ideal option for the wooden floors as they do not cause any scratches or damage to the floor. One thing you must keep in mind that fixing such kind of beds isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so do not try to fix it on your own. You should only contact the contractors that are expert in fixing these beds.

An inexperienced would not only damage the floor badly but he would cause some damage to the bed. So, the best way to fix these beds is to hire the expert contractors. You may also get the contact details of the contractor from the store you’re buying your bed from.

Designed for Wooden Floor

There are plenty of beds that are specially designed for the wooden floors such as top rated trundle bed by daringabroad. So, you may choose one of these specially designed beds according to the theme of your bedroom. You can even get your bed customized according to your personal preferences. There are lots of carpenters out there that can help you design the bed according to your personal requirement.

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Choosing the bathroom tiles and mirrors for a small bathroom

In today’s fast growing world, only the richest people can afford to have the large bathrooms in their homes while the majority of people only have the small bathrooms in their homes. The rich people want a luxurious look in each part of their home that’s why most of the rich people prefer having a large bathroom at their home so that they can include lots of luxurious items there that can make them feel comfortable.

Average people can’t afford to have such a lavish and luxurious look at their home but they still want to add some luxurious look to their home at affordable rates. There are several ways how average people try to add a luxurious look to their home. Bathroom decoration is one of the different ways that average people use.

As we have mentioned before, that average people have a small bathroom in their home as compared to the rich people. So, they try different ideas and techniques to make the bathroom look bigger. Some people choose the small size equipment, some try to accommodate less equipment in the bathroom some try to manage things in different sections.

But there is a group of people that think wisely and take help from the tiles and mirrors to enhance the visible look of their bathroom. Today, we’re also going to take a look at how can you make your small bathroom look bigger with the help of stylish tiles and bathroom city – mirrors.

Bathroom Tiles

There are lots of designs available that you can choose from according to your personal preferences but when it comes to choosing the tiles for a small bathroom, you need to take the decision very carefully. The best way to enhance the visible look of your bathroom is to use the light color tiles in your bathroom. The reason why we recommend the light color tiles is that the bright and shiny tiles make your bathroom look much smaller and they make the environment congested and uncomfortable.

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Effective Ways of keeping your car clean

During the busy hours of office and if you are a working person then it’s difficult for you to organize and clean your car time to time. What is the best way to clean your car without consuming so much time from your work day?

Here we are listing some of the effective ways of cleaning your car in the best possible way.



When you want to clean your car, the beginning should be from carpet cleaning ri. Carpets get messier easily and when we start ignoring the cleanliness of the car then it starts spreading smell in your car which is not good for your health as well.


If you want to keep your car clean in the best possible ways then start organizing your car from the carpets. It would be best if you can brush the carpet twice in a week.



Due to the dust and dirt, it may be possible that your car polish will fade away. In this case, many sprays and polishes are available in the market which can make your car shiny instantly. Before going anywhere you just have to apply before 10 minutes.

Wipe off with the clean soft cloth and your car is ready to shine on the road. You can organize the looks of your car in this way and you can make it look like a new one.



To clean the dust from seat covers you need to start using a vacuum on it. When you will vacuum the seat covers then they will look like new and you can maintain them for a long time in your car.

It’s essential to maintain seat covers of your car because cleanliness will be cleared from your seats. To maintain the car and to maintain the looks of it, it’s important that you should have enough resources to keep it clean all the time.



Start polishing mirrors once in a while to make sure that mirrors of the car are scratch less. Due to the scratches of the car, it may happen that your car will look like an old piece and you won’t find it charming like before.

Mirrors and screen should be your major concern and you can leave your car at the service station on the weekend and let them know what your concern is? The service team can provide you all the basic facilities to clean up your car.



If you are going to wash your car then after washing it’s important to wipe it off. Take a soft cloth which should not leave any kind of scratches on your car’s body. Start rubbing the piece of a cloth on the car and your car will start shining.

To maintain your car, it’s important that you should keep an eye on the appearance and cleanliness of the car. If your car will be clean no matter how old it is then it will run for a long time and the resale value will be increased.

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Step-by-step guide in choosing the top restoration company

Choosing the top restoration company can be a difficult task. Most of the companies offer partial information on their websites, and you want to get informed before you choose one. What things should you seek in a restoration company? Find out in our step-by-step guide.

Step #1 Find recommendations

The easiest way to get the information about a restoration company is from recommendations. Ask your friends and family if they had an experience with some restoration company. Gather information and listen to their opinion about their service and pricing.

top restoration company

Step #2 Find customer reviews

Another way is to get insight from customer reviews. If a company holds testimonials on their web-site, check them out. See what were the main benefits of a company, and what were the downsides. Find out more at Restoration USA.

Step #3 Ask your insurance agent

Insurance agencies often have a list of restoration companies in your area. They will recommend some in case you suffer a water or fire damage. The advice you get from your insurance agent will be professional and objective, so it would be a valuable insight.

Step #4 Make a call

restoration company

Why bother asking around when you can simply make a call to a particular company? Having a one-on-one conversation with someone from the restoration company is a good way to find out several things at once. You will get the insight in their customer service. Do they offer information over the phone or they instantly book a meeting? Are they willing to share information about their pricing and services? These are the things that you should ask their call agent if you want to get to the top quality restoration company.

Step #5 Response time

Since a rapid response is the single most important factor in a decreasing the damage outcome, you should seek for a company that offers a fast response. You might also want to check out if they’re available 24/7 – which would be an advantage if they did.

Step #6 Services

Every restoration company should focus on resolving the problem, cleaning up the mess, and preserving your property and belongings from further incidents. If there are some additional services like early leak detection or mold prevention, that should be valued as additional service.

Step #7 Pricing

A top restoration company will offer competitive pricing for their services. If their pricing is too cheap, it might not be the quality of service you are seeking. Additionally, check out if they offer a contract or just an estimation of costs.

restoration company services

Step #8 Reliability

How will you determine that a restoration company is reliable? You can do that based on the recommendations they get – pay attention to their “word-of-mouth” status – or by following your instinct. In each case, you should find out about their reliability when you hire them.

Step #9 Certification

A restoration company needs to have the proper certification which will guarantee that they are reliable for hiring. A common certification in restoration services is an IICRC certificate, which states that a company can resolve and prevent any major or minor flood, fire, mold or leak accidents.

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What to do if your house has been flooded

As a homeowner, there are many events that can be devastating. A flood is one of them and it has the ability to cause a lot of damage to the structure of your home. The only way that you have the ability to limit the amount of damage that occurs due to a flood is to make sure that you take action right away.

What to do if your house has been flooded

Not only do you need to act fast, but you also need to be sure that you take the right steps to get the better solution for your water damage Burbank problem. This means that you need to know what the right things to do are when your house is flooded.

Here are the things that you need to do if your house becomes flooded:

Power and Gas

If your house has been flooded, you want to make sure that you turn off the power and the gas to your home. This is something that you can do in anticipation of a flood and also a step that you can take if the flood damage is manageable. You can just flip the breaker box to turn off the power.


One thing that you need to do quickly after your home has been damaged by a flood is to make sure that you contact your insurance company. This is the only way that you can be sure that your home is protected and that you will not have to pay for the repairs that are required to restore your home.

What to do if your house has been flooded

This is not a step that you want to put on hold. You want to be sure that you contact your insurance company right away so that they have the ability to document all the damage that has occurred as a result of the flood. Your insurance company will then work with you to make sure that all repairs are paid for. This is only the case if you have flood insurance for your home.


The one thing that will need to be identified right away ifs the extent of the damage. This means that not all flood damage is the same. You need to make sure that you hire a professional right away that has the ability to examine the damage and give you an estimate of the repair costs. This is the only way that you will be able to know what needs to b

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